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Visit the online store of this coffee bar in Ghent

WAY in Ghent is so much more than a coffee bar. They are specialized in roasting all types of coffee and even started their own brand. You can try out these drinks in their own bar or immediately order them online. You are only a couple of clicks away from the best coffee you will ever taste. Treat your taste buds to a sweet or fruity flavour with their beans from all over the world!

Seasonal flavours

Depending on the season, there are different beans that will be harvested in the world. That is also why the range of coffee from WAY will change throughout the year. This will keep it interesting for you as well, because you can try out something new every time you order coffee. At the online store of this coffee bar in Ghent, you get to choose between espresso coffee or coffee for filter. You can never choose wrong, as they all taste amazing. It is mainly a difference in the way you brew them. These experts have an extensive range of products for both options. You can even order the exact filters that you need for your machine.

All your favourite coffee in one place

Thanks to the many options that they have available, you do not have to search elsewhere for your coffee anymore. If you drink a lot of coffee, you can also decide to buy 1000 grams of beans at once. For the more occasional drinkers or those who want to try out different flavours, there are also bags of 250 grams and 500 grams.

Discover a whole new world of flavours

Can you not wait any longer to taste this amazing coffee and are you nearby Ghent? Then stop by this sociable coffee bar in the center of Ghent and relax. They will take good care of you and advise you the bests drinks. It is also a fun activity to do with friends or just after work to treat yourself to a good cup of coffee.